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Fire Protection Engineer -
Poole Fire Protection is looking for a creative and innovative Fire Protection Engineer to help support our growing Fire Protection Team. The successful candidate will be involved in the design of fire suppression, fire detection/alarm and life safety systems including performing of field construction inspections and acceptance testing.
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Fire Sprinkler Designer -
Poole Fire Protection is looking for a creative and innovative Fire Sprinkler Designer for the Kansas City Area. The Fire Sprinkler Designer prepares code compliant fire sprinkler designs using HydraCAD and/or AutoSPRINK software for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.
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Poole Fire Protection ServicesSince every building has code requirements and life safety needs, our projects are very diverse. You can find our projects down the street and on the other side of the globe. We work on everything from hospitals to hangars, from government facilities to arenas, from towers to subterranean spaces.

If you want a career that will provide you with a wide range
of experience in an ever-challenging environment, you have
found it.

There are an infinite amount of fire protection and life safety issues that present themselves when working with the built environment. We pride ourselves in bringing a diversified team approach, with different perspectives and areas of specialty, to solve these unique problems for our clients.


  • Eric Reed
    Fire Protection Engineer
    "I feel I've found a company where my daily contributions allow me to express who I am."
  • Brandon Wilkerson
    Fire Protection Engineer
    "I feel like I am getting really good experience that will continue to benefit me in my career."
  • Brad Austin
    Fire Protection Engineer
    "I like working here because of the support
    for growth and the camaraderie between coworkers."

Poole Fire Protection Company CultureOUR COMPANY CULTURE

At Poole Fire Protection, we share a common commitment to our profession and a common interest in raising the bar - both in our career accomplishments and in our personal professional development. We strive to provide an environment that encourages long-term development and fosters your growth as an individual member of a dynamic team.

We have passion and enthusiasm for our work - it inspires us, it drives us, it bonds us. The product of such shared values is an environment that is fun, challenging and rewarding.

Poole Fire Protection, Inc. believes in freedom of opportunity for every individual to work at a job for which he or she qualifies on merit. Accordingly, Poole Fire Protection, Inc. has adopted a policy of equal employment opportunity for each employee and applicant. Under the policy, the employment of individuals and their job assignments, transfers, and promotions are determined by matching the requirements of an open position with the candidate's skills and qualifications without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, or any other protected class under relevant federal, state, or municipal law, or the presence of a disability, except where age, sex, or absence of a disability is a bonafide occupational qualification. It is our goal to be identified in deed, as well as in word, as a truly "equal opportunity" employer.

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