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Larned State HospitalLarned State Hospital

Larned, Kansas

Larned State Security Hospital is the largest psychiatric facility in Kansas. In addition to its primary use as a psychiatric care facility, the hospital provides facilities for the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Department and the Kansas Department of Corrections. The hospital grounds include about 15 existing healthcare/institutional occupancies, 13 existing support buildings not classified as healthcare or institutional, and an interconnecting utility tunnel system. In addition, the hospital provides grounds for two new institutional buildings, Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility (250,000 sq.ft.) - completed - and Larned State Security Hospital (360,000 sq.ft.) - under construction.

Fire alarm specifications and drawings were developed for a campus-wide system. These documents depicted the location of all devices, appliances and supervisory switches. Poole Fire Protection was also responsible for developing a cost estimate for the fire alarm system's installation and responded to requests for information during the bidding and construction process. Poole Fire Protection was responsible for the review and approval of the contractor's submittal drawings, fire alarm calculations, circuit layout, wiring counts and panel diagrams. Construction management services, including on-site inspection and final acceptance, were also provided.

Other responsibilities of Poole Fire Protection included: obtaining water supply data, preparing discipline coordination drawings, creating preliminary sprinkler design, attendance of coordination meetings, performing hydraulic calculations, communication with Division of Architectural Services and the Kansas State Fire Marshal's Office, develop sprinkler system specification, finalize sprinkler drawings and calculations, develop written responses to requests for information and review of contractor submittals.

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