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Sandia National LaboratorySandia National Laboratory

Kirtland AFB, New Mexico

Poole Fire Protection was contracted by Sandia National Laboratories to provide fire protection engineering support services. These activities included the development of 49 Fire Protection Assessments (FPA) and two Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA). These FPAs included the review and evaluation of 258 buildings at the Sandia site for compliance with the NFPA Codes and Standards and Department of Energy (DOE) Orders 420.1 and 440.1, Fire Protection. Each FPA and FHA included an in-depth survey of each facility, review of the available design and construction documentation, and the development of the FPA or FHA report. Each report included a description of the facility, and the fire protection and life safety features provided.

The reports also documented all code deficiencies and provided a recommended corrective action along with a code reference for each deficiency. Additional fire protection tasks were performed as necessary to meet the requirements of DOE Fire Protection Order 420.1. A Fire Department Baseline Needs Assessment was also performed for Sandia National Laboratories as well as assisted to the development of procedures to implement the Sandia National Laboratories Fire Protection Program.

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