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Western Auto RenovationWestern Auto Renovation

Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas

Poole Fire Protection designed the fire sprinkler system and provided construction management during the system's installation as part of the Western Auto Building's renovation into loft apartments. Located in Kansas City, MO, the lofts featured 12-foot ceilings and a high-tech safety system with hard-wired smoke detectors, sprinklers and fire alarms.

Built in 1915 as the Coca-Cola Building, the 14-story structure became the Candler Building in 1932. It was renamed the Western Auto Building in 1951. The building's historic significance was marked in 1988 when the site became listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The sprinkler system's design used the existing standpipe and tied in new floor control valves at each level. The existing sprinkler mains were reused with new branch lines installed to conform to each apartment's configuration. Because the lofts featured an open floor plan, most of the sprinkler pipe was left exposed. Due to the building's height, a variance from the fire department was granted. The variance allowed the building's system to be pressurized by the fire department's arriving fire truck. This process provides the pressure required at the top of the standpipe to support interior fire fighting.

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